Firearms Training Facility on Farmland Rejected by Tillamook County in February 2011

The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners in early 2011 turned down a proposal to build a firearms training facility on an old dairy farm in Tillamook County. The planning commission had previously turned the request down as well. In order to go ahead, the proponents had to win a zone change on 25 acres of farmland that would change it to forest land. This was necessary because firearms facilities are not allowed on farmland.

The facility was proposed for an 85-acre farm owned by the estate of Raymond Wyss. Tillamook County ordinance is strict that in a zone change on resource land, the proponents must show that the land is better suited to be in the new zone — as forest land, in this case. But Oregon Coast Alliance and other opponents were able to show that the soil profile is one typical for farmland, the land has always been used as a farm, and is better suited as farmland. The Board of Commissioners agreed in February 2011, laying this issue to rest.

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